Who We Are

Our Mission

Our purpose is to restore, transform, and empower disciples who love Jesus and change Cleveland. We want to leave a legacy of Latinos who are Biblically grounded, social-emotionally stable, financially secure, and academically successful. We believe it starts with the church.

OUR Beliefs

Aviva Church of the Nazarene is part of the Church of the Nazarene denomination in the North Central District. We are a Great Commission church. As a global community of faith, we are commissioned to take the good news of life in Jesus Christ to people everywhere and to spread the message of scriptural holiness across lands. Read more about our beliefs here

OUR city

There are over 84,000 Latinos in Cuyahoga County and a growing need for churches that represent the biculturalism of the growing second- and third-generation Latino American. We’ve been called to serve the Metro West region where we grew up.

  • Clark-Fulton: Home to over 11,000 residents and the densest population of Latino residents in Ohio. The population is approximately 64% Latino.
  • Brooklyn Centre: Home to over 9,224 residents. Approximately 32% of residents identify as Latino.

Our Leadership team


Lead pastor

Dr. Lumar Vargas began preaching as a youth and desires to empower the next generation. Her gifts are administration, exhortation, and shepherding. She has 15 years of pastoral experience and has been an Associate Pastor, traveling preacher, Groups Director, and church planter. She completed a Ph.D. in Education Leadership with a focus on Transformational Leadership. Outside ministry, she serves as a Managing Director of Leadership for TFA.


executive pastor

Victor serves in the ministry of Administration at Aviva Church. His gifts are administration, giving, and teaching. In this role, he leads Aviva’s business and property management. He works at The Cleveland Vibrator Company, as the Regional Latin America Business Developer, and is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. He enjoys nutrition, reading, and is a Wall Street enthusiast. He, and his wife Cecilia, have been married for 18 years.  


Discipleship pastor

Cecilia (Ceci) serves Aviva through her ministry of discipleship and groups. Her gifts are shepherding, exhortation, and mercy. In this role, she supports the overall spiritual growth and organization of the church through shepherding, lay counseling, and discipleship. She is also a gifted worship leader and teacher. Ceci enjoys nature, animals, and Japanese food, and works in sales. Ceci and her husband, Victor, have been married for 18 years. 


worship director

Emanuel (Eman) serves in the capacity of Worship Director. His gifts are exhortation, giving, and serving. He and his wife, Lumar, have been friends and ministry partners since their youth. Emanuel plays keys and bass and enjoys programming, video editing, and music technology. He has created software databases for churches and schools. Overall, Eman enjoys working behind the scenes. He’s been a Software Engineer for over 16 years.



Talina serves as Aviva’s Worship Leader. She is a songwriter, musician, and recording artist. Her gifts are serving, evangelism, and shepherding. Talina’s single, “Llegar” became her anthem after surviving breast cancer and she dreams of taking her music to the nations. Outside worship, Talina has been a massage therapist for 10 years and owns her own massage business. She enjoys Korean culture and has a great sense of humor.

Ricardo & Ruthy


Ricardo and Ruthy serve Aviva through the ministry of connections. His gifts are shepherding, teaching, and giving, and her gifts are evangelism, shepherding and service. They support the overall connection and growth of men and women at Aviva. Outside of ministry, they both enjoy nature, sports, and time with family. Ricardo and Ruthy have been married for 15 years and have three children: Ismael (15), Rut (13), and Nathalie (9).

our founding team

Our founding team represents four generations, various career backgrounds, and experiences. Many grew up as sons and daughters of Latino pastors: Talina, Kary, Ruthy, Maria, Cecilia, Lumar, Eman, Daniel, Ricardo, Pedro, Roberto, Victor


It takes a network of like-minded people to restore, transform, and empower our generation. We’re not doing it alone! 

Individuals and organizations partner with us in three ways: (1) Financial Partners believe and help fund our cause. You can give in three ways: (a) Via our online portal here, (b) through CashApp at $AvivaCleveland, or (c) by mailing a check or money order to P.O. Box 360621 Strongsville, Ohio 44136. (2) Service or Resource Partners  help partner in the work of service throughout Cleveland, and (3) Prayer Partners for our ongoing growth. Join our team by contacting Pastor Lumar Vargas at lumar.vargas@avivacleveland.org 

The North Central Ohio District serves to advance God’s kingdom by encouraging and resourcing the local church to accomplish the mission of the Church of the Nazarene within each church’s unique context. We are fortunate to have a compact geographical area with 63 organized churches, 2 compassionate ministries in 22 counties in the central and northeastern part of Ohio. Our district stretches from the outskirts of Columbus north to Lake Erie, encompassing the cities of Delaware, Marion, Wooster, Mansfield, Sandusky, and the metropolitan Cleveland area, then east along the lake to Ashtabula and the PA border.

Stadia prepares leaders to start healthy churches that intentionally reach the next generation of believers, spreading the hope of Jesus farther than ever before. They provide project management, fundraising training, and business accountability for Aviva Church. 

TKC is a group of like-minded churches working together to SEND and SUPPORT MISSIONARIES and CHURCH PLANTERS to see communities throughout Northeast Ohio renewed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The P2P Network seeks to train and support Black and Brown people who want to establish indigenous, holistic, justice-oriented churches in urban communities.

The Galilean Theological Center helps equip our community with high quality Theological training. They provide our members with ongoing Biblical education. 

Building Hope advances the good of the city. Magnifies the mission of Jesus. Unleashes the capability of underestimated people. Aviva partners with BHIC to serve the community.

Polaris Christian Church supports Aviva Church by providing financially support and prayer covering. They are also coaching us as we launch our kid’s ministry.

Garfield Memorial Church supports Aviva Church by providing financially support and prayer covering. 

Aviva started meeting at Bedford Church in 2021. They provided Aviva Church financial support during 2021-2022 and are ongoing prayer partners.

OUR advisors & friends

As a growing church plant, we have a network of church leaders who provide additional covering and support to our team.

  • Joanyra Mazur, Accountant, Senior Deployment Associate, PricewaterHouseCoopers (Board Treasurer)
  • Minister Cedric Johns, Director of Employee & Labor Relations, Cleveland Public Library
  • Rev. Rafie Sturges, L.P.C, Executive Director, Hispanic UMADAOP
  • Adriana Sabath, M.Ed, Educator, Cleveland Metropolitan Schools
  • Robert Williams, M.Ed, Director, Invictus High School

Our friends are pastors and lay leaders with a collective 200+ years experience. They invest in Aviva by provide aspiring leaders mentoring as they grow in their roles.

  • Pastor Bethany Liston Solyntjes – Renew Communities
  • Pastor Socorro Ocasio – Iglesia Ebenezer (Retired)
  • Pastor James Laker – Mission 59, NCO District
  • Pastor KJ Wilson – Grace CMA Church
  • Pastor Luis Vizcarrondo – Refine Church
  • Pastor Jose & Amanda Rivera – Lakewood Newlife
  • Americo Montoya – Templo San Pablo – Mexico
  • Mildred Arnold – Grace CMA Church