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Let’s partner together and see you achieve your goals. Coaches help individuals navigate the present and future to maximize their potential. Through the lens of transformational leadership and spiritual development, you can discover your God-given purpose and potential. Begin coaching with two easy steps. 

Complete the intake form

This form will allow your coach to get to know you and your goals. It will serve as an introduction as you work together and a way to understand your intentions for coaching

schedule an appointment

Schedule up to two one-hour sessions during the month of July. All coaching conversations will be held via Zoom. You’ll receive a confirmation and a zoom link once you sign up using the link below.

coaching faqs

During a coaching session, the coach will normally ask you what topic you’d like to focus on. This is typically something you’d like to unpack. Though thought-provoking questions, the coach supports you as you arrive to outcomes, meaning, and set intentions for your goals. A coach believes that you are capable and competent and serves as a guide, never giving direct advice. Coaching should always be client led and facilitated by the coach.

The in-take form has an agreement that focuses on the coaches’ commitment to confidentiality and helps set norms for your coaching relationship. This includes things like agreeing to have your camera on and to being in a professional and quiet setting. 

Coaching is useful for anyone who is open to growth and willing to be honest about their journey. Coaching is a transformative experience. You can receive coaching for just about anything. Coaching yields the best results when done regularly.

Currently, Lumar is providing two coaching sessions for everyone who’d like to try coaching. She is working on developing her skills while helping others. In the future, she’d like to have a ministry of Aviva Church devoted to providing coaching and counseling to underprivileged families. Thanks for being part of the beginning steps. 

Additional session times will be available for a tax-deductible donation. 100% of your donation will go directly to Aviva Kids, a ministry devoted to forming the next generation of leaders. You can receive coaching while partnering with Aviva Kids. You can give using this link. We recommend a minimum donation of $25.

Lumar provides short-term pastoral counseling and mentoring for members of Aviva Church at no cost. She also refers members to outside organizations who specialize in clinical counseling, spiritual direction, and connects growing leaders to mentors in their desired field.

Coaching is a different commitment and ideally longer term, for individuals in or outside of Aviva who want to work directly with a professional leadership coach.

The main focus is transformational leadership coaching. This is coaching the enables individuals to become the best version of themselves. If clients desire to explore their spiritual development or faith, we can also dive into the discovery of their God given purpose. We can do so regardless of their religious beliefs.

A lot of times, coaching clients also have counselors. Counselors focus mainly on unpacking the past and how it impacts the present. Coaching, unlike counseling, is centered around personal and professional development. There are times when both intermingle, but coaches are not licensed mental health professionals. However, they are trained to know the difference and recommend counseling if necessary. Lumar has some background in pastoral counseling, but will act as a coach during the session. If at any point it needs to switch to counseling, she’ll support you in knowing the difference and recommend a counselor.

Coaching sessions last 1 hour in length. You can expect to add 15 minutes to the first session for a general overview of the process.

Yes, Lumar speaks Spanish fluently, and is happy to track you in English, Spanish, or Spanglish. 


"Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Dr. Lumar Vargas completed her professional coaching certification at Duquesne University. She has 15 years of pastoral experience and volunteers her time serving the Latino community as lead pastor of Aviva Church. She’s been an associate pastor, traveling preacher, small groups director, and church planter.

This fall, Lumar completed a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, with a research focus on transformational leadership. Outside of ministry, Lumar serves as a Managing Director of Leadership & Development for Teach for America, coaching educational leaders throughout Ohio. 

Lumar enjoys traveling and going on walks with Emanuel, her husband. She loves listening to people’s stories and helping form new leaders. When she’s not having coffee with someone, she’s likely taking a nap.