OUR story

In 2017, the Lord gave Pastor Lumar the name Aviva. Aviva is a Hebrew word that means springlike or fresh. Little did she know, that years later, He’d call her to birth a church. In the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lumar, Emanuel, and an incredible launch team followed God’s call to begin planting a bilingual (Spanish & English) multigenerational multicultural church, one that would bring a fresh expression of faith for the Latino community in Cleveland. 

From the beginning, Aviva has focused on building a church where anyone can feel welcomed and experience a deep encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Grupos de Estudios Biblicos
Nuestros grupos existen para brindar crecimiento, conexión y oportunidades para servir juntos.
cada martes
Aprende lo que dice la Biblia sobre la culpabilidad, la duda, la falsa perfección, la vergüenza, el miedo, la depresión, la ansiedad, y las cicatrices desconocidas.
serie en mayo y junio
Ya pronto tendremos información sobre nuestros bautismos.
en agosto
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our call

Our call comes as a response to the leadership gap among the Latino community of Cleveland and a specific draw to reach the second generation of Latinos who have been de-churched. Through them, we’re reaching the 3rd generation of Latinos while honoring the wisdom and legacy of the 1st generation.

We desire to be a multigenerational church focused on building future leaders by providing kids and youth with opportunities to experience God in a unique and personal way. We believe all kids in Cleveland should have access to the gospel, in their specific context, and be empowered to build the church of tomorrow. 


Our purpose is to restore, transform, and empower disciples who love Jesus and change Cleveland. We believe it starts with the church.